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What's Your Color?

Posted on February 24 2020

What's Your Color


I love color and when I started my line I knew I wanted to have a signature color. I knew I would use it for my marketing, print and social media materials, and possibly as a signature lining color. I wanted a color that would be eye catching and stand out. But where to start? There are millions of colors!

I was in a store, looking at a rack of clothes and noticed the hangtags. The majority were white, black or neutral. I thought to myself they are all missing a marketing opportunity – at a distance you cannot distinguish one brand from another. ‘That’s it. I need a color that will pop on a hangtag’. Not too dark or too pale. I wanted something that was personal to me and had longevity, so I started looking at my favorite colors, which are in the blue & green range. I looked at a multitude of Pantone chips before making my final selection and I’m very happy with my results.


My color selection for a signature color was very personal. Some companies, like Tiffany, have an interesting story of how they chose their color. Click here to read more about Tiffany. Hermes is another fashion company that has a distinctive signature color. This link will take you to an article about some fashion companies with signature colors.

But most fashion brands do not commit to a signature color. Colors, like styles, come in and out of fashion, so it can be a safer bet to stick with white, black or a neutral. However, signature colors are more common in other industries. Here is a fun article on companies identified strongly with a color.

Would like to have your own signature color? A color that makes you feel happy or feel powerful. Tiger Woods mom told him that Red is his power color when he was young, so Tiger always wears a red shirt on the final day of a tournament – and that worked out pretty good for him! I love turquoise and often wear a turquoise scarf in the winter when my wardrobe is mainly black. The turquoise brightens my eyes and my face and I feel happy seeing me in it! Friends have told me ‘turquoise is your color’. To help you get started on picking your signature color or if you are just fascinated by color like I am check out this series of short videos. Enjoy!

ATB, Francesca



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