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Meet Francesca, the creator of ATELIER FRANCESCA

Fran is the talented and fun-loving CEO, owner and designer for ATELIER FRANCESCA. Her first contemporary-classic ready-to-wear line does not surprise friends and family. Her mother tells how her preschooler began directing her mom’s fabric and trim choices for her next homemade dress. Yes, even then our Fran had quite the discerning eye when it came to fashion!

Over the next 30 years, Fran took mental notes on how women often see fashion as an extension of themselves. She worked in boutiques. She perfected her craft while completing her fashion degree at FIDM. Worked hard in the crazy side of design, which is the real fashion industry.

She also refined her fashion aesthetic. Studied art. Traveled to the fashion capitals of New York City, London and Milan. Enjoyed the good life with her friends and family. Danced and laughed any time she could.

Moreover, she stayed true to her vision - creating her own fashion line that enhances a woman’s inner beauty, sensuality, and joy for life. All of this naturally led to the creation of ATELIER FRANCESCA!


The Designs

ATELIER FRANCESCA is the fashion destination for the Ageless Contemporary Woman. She is the up and coming young professional and the savvy woman at her peak. Her fulfilling life requires an effortless yet classic look that reflects her confidence & her love of fashion. She is a powerful woman, here, making a difference.

ATELIER FRANCESCA’s designs are fashion statement pieces and contemporary classics rich in style. Beautiful fit. Impeccable details. Outstanding artisanship. Most styles are made in lux fabrics that provide hidden stretch to enjoy life with comfort.

Fran enjoys bringing her collection directly to women. She can be found selling her designs at local shopping & pop up events. She loves sharing her fashion tips with her customers!

Thanks for letting me tell you about Fran(cesca). Enjoy your jacket & expect to get noticed – in a good way! ~ Carol (Fran’s friend since the 5th grade)