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Yes we have a mantra & it is Embellish Your Life! But what does that mean? 

Make it beautiful. Make it your own. Make a statement! Show everybody who you are. How freeing is that?! Who cares what anybody else thinks. My mission is to add beauty to the world. This is usually thru something visual & right now, specifically, that is about the statement jacket. It is all about the jacket for me.

How do you want to beautify the world? Your expression may not be visual, it might be cooking, it might be music, it might be kindness. Great! Beauty is a very subjective thing, so your beautiful may be very different than mine, but that is what makes self-expression so fab. Just do your thing, baby! As they use to say in the 70s (oops, am I dating myself? who cares), you have to love who you are & what you’ve got. So I hope today is beautiful & you Embellish your Life!