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  • Parlez- vous Letol?

    Posted on October 26 2020

    Parlez- vous Letol? Hello my beautiful friends. I hope you are all healthy and doing well. As the weather is getting colder, it is time to bundle up and a...

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  • Retreat or Retreating?

    Posted on April 11 2020

    Are you in Retreat or are you Retreating? Hello my beautiful friends. I hope you are all healthy and doing well. Today is Easter and we are in Passover. A...

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  • What's Your Color?

    Posted on February 24 2020

    WHAT’S YOUR COLOR? I love color and when I started my line I knew I wanted to have a signature color. I knew I would use it for my marketing,...

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  • Upcoming Pop Up & Pumpkins?!

    Posted on October 14 2019

    Hello Friends, Are you feeling like taking a road trip this weekend? How about heading to Nicasio on Sunday, Oct 20th where you can shop a great Pop Up by...

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  • Upcoming Trunk Show!

    Posted on August 03 2019

    Hello Friends, I was off the grid for a while but am back on and hitting the road for another Trunk Show. I am heading to one of Carmel by...

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  • A Night to Sparkle!

    Posted on June 18 2019

    A Night to Sparkle! A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to be part of A Night to Sparkle. It was a fundraising event for the Sparkle...

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  • A Fabulous Day!

    Posted on May 20 2019

    On Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in ‘Today at Apple’ at the Union Square store in San Francisco. What a GREAT DAY! I was able to speak to...

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  • A Mother's Love!

    Posted on May 05 2019

      I would like to celebrate my Mother and all the motherly figures we have in our lives. My Mom is one of the most giving people I know. As...

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  • The Bloom is ON!

    Posted on April 07 2019

      Are you feeling happy? Probably, because the Super Bloom is ON! Nature’s reward for our years of draught and abundance of rain this winter is the wildflower Super Bloom,...

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  • Is Living Coral your color?

    Posted on March 24 2019

    No surprise, I LOVE color. Most designers and artists do. So I am always interested in what the color of the year will be. Every year the Pantone Color Service...

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