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Is Living Coral your color?

Posted on March 24 2019

living coral

No surprise, I LOVE color. Most designers and artists do. So I am always interested in what the color of the year will be. Every year the Pantone Color Service selects its “Color of the Year” and for 2019 it is Living Coral. The Pantone colors are used in many areas of design – fashion, cosmetics & interiors.

Pantone selects its color of the year, but designers will use variations of that color that is best for their customer and the season – some more pastel and some more saturated.

What do you think? Do you like it? As I’m writing this I am realizing my living room is painted a lighter version of this color and I cannot tell you how many people, men & women, have commented that they really like the color of my living room – interesting! So, women and men like this color. If you love this color – go for it. If you are unsure if it’s the best color for you you can easily add it into your wardrobe in an accessory – a scarf or a purse. It is also a great cosmetic color so a lipstick or nail polish is also a great option.


What to pair Living Coral with?

When corals are a trend color the complement color will be in the turquoise spectrum. Turquoise looks better with coral than blues in the royal or true blue spectrum. Coral and turq are strong resort colors so I expect swim will embrace Living Coral in a big way.

Great podcast about COLOR!

As I mentioned earlier - I LOVE color! I recently listened to a podcast from 99% Invisible, The Secret Lives of Color, about the book by Kassia St Clair. She has chronicled the history of how colors were developed and came into fashion.

If you too are a color enthusiast you will want to take a listen.

ATB, Francesca

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