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The Bloom is ON!

Posted on April 07 2019


Are you feeling happy? Probably, because the Super Bloom is ON! Nature’s reward for our years of draught and abundance of rain this winter is the wildflower Super Bloom, currently taking place across California and in gardens across the country. I’ve seen so many posts about the Super Bloom. People are awestruck, posting that their pictures do not do it justice. Well nature is phenomenal. Mind-blowing really. And what’s not to love – sun, life bursting forth, insects feasting and color – color – color everywhere!

 As you know I love color. Once, when meeting a new neighbor, she said to me “Oh, you live in the colorful house”. That’s right - no white walls here! Lots of color in the house and in the garden. I think color can affect your mood. What are your favorite colors? Even when I’m dressed head to toe in black (winter uniform), adding that pop of color next to my face cheers me up! Some of my jackets have a ‘pop of color’ lining and I’m always tickled by the reaction they receive from my customers. It’s a fun surprise for them.  Like their jacket is saying ‘hello, let’s go!”

I have a gift for you. My musings about the Emotional Properties of Color. Download if you like.


Other Colorful Things

SF is a very “colorful” city, not only for it residents but also for all of the beautiful places throughout the Bay. Whether you are crossing the GGB, strolling the Painted Ladies in the City or hiking Big Basin there is a lot for your eyes to feast on. Well Conde Nast has sent out their photographers and compiled their list of the most beautiful places in the world. (I don’t know how the Bay Area didn’t make the cut!) Give yourself a moment of Zen and peruse these beautiful pictures. You may find your next vacation spot.

ATB, Francesca

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