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Je Suis Prest

Posted on August 07 2016

Outlander - Jaime Fraser, I am ready!

Je Suis Prest – I am ready for you, Jaime Fraser!” (overdubbed with lilting Scottish accent).

Oops. Did my thought bubble just burst? So be it. I am not alone in my lusting; I mean my admiration for Sam Heughan and the rest of the cast of Outlander. I have been loving this series – I mean seriously, kilts never looked so good. Outlander has been my escape & my inspiration while keeping things moving with Atelier Francesca. The design end is only a small part of starting a business so the fantastic costumes & sets from Outlander have been keeping my creative juices flowing until the next round of designing takes place.

Currently FIDM in Los Angeles is having an exhibit of some of the costumes from Outlander & honored the designer, Terry Dresbach. Fans of historical costumes, & Outlander specifically will want to follow the links below to 2 articles with some pictures of what’s on display. If you are in LA I hope you get to see this show. It has costumes from many shows: Downtown Abbey, American Horror Story & Game of Thrones, just to name a few. A fashionista’s dream!

Until the next AF update, which will be soon… I Am Ready!

ATB, Francesca

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