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Lotta, Bracelet - Antique Bronze Lotta, Bracelet - Antique Bronze Quick View

Lotta, Bracelet - Antique Bronze

$ 169.00

Lotta ~ Ophelia is a nature lover - she designs with flowers and plants. She is at home in the garden singing with the songbirds! This incredible b...
Lotta, Earrings - Hematite Lotta, Earrings - Hematite Quick View

Lotta, Earrings - Hematite

$ 99.00

Lotta ~ Rose likes to bring a little bit of natural beauty with her everywhere she goes, and these earrings are a staple in her wardrobe. These del...
Sold Out
Lotta, Earrings - Sterling Silver Lotta, Earrings - Sterling Silver Quick View

Lotta, Earrings - Sterling Silver

Sold Out

Lotta ~ Clair enjoys feeling the breeze in her hair and the colors created by sunlight illuminating the delicate petals of blossoms. These beautifu...
Lotta, Necklace - Hematite Lotta, Necklace - Hematite Quick View

Lotta, Necklace - Hematite

$ 129.00

Lotta ~ Emily is feminine and likes to add a little sparkle to her elegant look. This delicate necklace by Lotta has a branch motif with a faceted ...
Lotta, Necklace - Sterling Silver Lotta, Necklace - Sterling Silver Quick View

Lotta, Necklace - Sterling Silver

$ 109.00

Lotta ~ Roan likes the buds and the bees – watching nature playing together. You will find her in the garden, creating with flowers! This beautiful...